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talking about  best marijuana strains for sex , baby, let’s talk about you and me—or, in our case, let’s talk about you and weed, in the words of the illustrious Salt-N-Pepa. It’s no secret that cannabis can elevate your sex life, and we’re far from the first generation to recognize this intimate link.
In fact, cannabis is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts as one of the five sacred plants and an essential part of Tantric rituals. Cannabis was also used to calm virgins’ nerves in Soviet-era Russia, and it is still used as an impotence drug in Western Uganda today.

With weed’s ability to help you relax, lower your inhibitions, and increase your senses, it’s only natural that the two go together. Studies have shown that our favorite plant can improve sexual satisfaction, with frequent users having more sex than those who smoke infrequently or not at all—but not just any strain will do if you want the job done right. Although each of our bodies reacts differently to cannabis, here is a list of our top six best cannabis strains for sex to get you started.

Do-Si-Dos. Whether you have a partner or are going solo, Do-Si-Dos is known to offer both euphoria and relaxation in one tasty nug.
Granddaddy Purple. When a quickie just doesn’t fit the bill, go for this long-lasting indica-heavy strain.
Northern Lights. …
Sour Diesel. ..
Harlequin. …
white widow …
moon rocks .

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