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Raw gadden

Vape nerds argue about manufacturing processes in the same way that vinyl collectors argue about sound quality. Some power vapers claim that the best distillate can only be made by freezing the cannabis into “live resin,” which preserves the strain’s true terpene profile in ways that standard concentrate extraction processes cannot.
This weed reporter isn’t technical enough to understand these debates. But I can confirm that a new line of live resin distillate cartridges from Raw Garden delivers a super-high while remaining under $20 for a half-gram cartridge.

130 - 900



Kimbo Chem has a mind-blowing 85.3-percent THC content, as well as slightly more than 1.5-percent CBD for good measure. The buzz is an upbeat, energetic high that is ideal for an all-day weekend adventure.
These Raw Garden products are half-gram cartridges that can be inserted into any standard vape pen. There’s nothing fancy about the design here, but the cartridge is sturdy and the oil inside is of exceptional quality.
Potency: The THC and CBD content of the 80 Raw Garden cartridge strains varies significantly, but they are all extremely potent. The Kimbo Chem we tried contained more than 85 percent THC.
Smell: The scent of your exhaled smoke is fruity, but not overpoweringly so.
Taste: A subtle taste of your strain’s origin, with puffs that produce the super-billowy clouds that many of us enjoy.
Appearance: The packaging is nothing more than a drab cardboard box, and the cartridge itself is completely generic. However, the distillate contained within is lethal.
Medical Application: The 80 different varieties will obviously produce a variety of effects, but expect a vigorous effect.



10 tk, 100 tk, 30 tk, 50 tk


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