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How to open a dispensary in Virginia

It should be noted that before you think on how to open a dispensary in Virginia ,there is no doubt about it; cannabis is taking the country by storm. Since Colorado legalized recreational cannabis in 2013, most U.S. states have followed suit in some capacity. As of early 2021, 15 states have legalized adult-use cannabis, while 36 states have enacted medical programs. Recently, Virginia followed suit by launching a medical cannabis industry and voting to legalize adult-use cannabis.

How to get dispensary license in Virginia

To get a dispensary license in Virginia, applicants need to apply for a “Pharmaceutical Processor Permit.” According to the Virginia Board of Pharmacy website, the following criteria are used in a point system to issue medical licenses in the state:

  • Financial Position
  • Location within Health Service Area
  • Security Plan
  • Authorization to Conduct Business
  • Industry Involvement and Disciplinary Action
  • Agriculture, Production, and Dispensing Expertise
  • Marketing Plans
  • Facility Exterior and Blueprint
  • Product and Site Safety
  • Expected Hours of Operation
  • While these criteria have been used for the Virginia medical dispensary application process, you can expect to see many of them with the adult-use application process. Again, we urge you to follow the new Virginia Cannabis Control Authority for specifics.

Virginia Dispensary Application Support
Due to the fact that the cannabis industry is highly-regulated, all marketing operations must fall in line with company compliance protocols. As such, it’s of utmost importance that your marketing plan is written under the guidance of your legal team and/or compliance personnel.

By developing a marketing plan that respects local cannabis laws, you will ensure that your dispensary operates without legal infringements that could threaten your licensing. Moreover, by following local regulations to the letter, you will build a respected reputation with fellow business owners in your community.

how to open a dispensary in virginia

Cannabis presents a very precarious industry to do business, especially in confusing new markets like Virginia. As such, if you are looking to open a cannabis dispensary in Virginia, you are best discussing your plans with a professional consulting firm like MOST.

As a leading cannabis consulting company, MOST is constantly paying attention to industry news and developments. With up-to-date knowledge on such a volatile business, we can give the appropriate guidance in entering new markets, as seen in Virginia.

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