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Rosa Runtz

Pink Runtz Strain comes from the Runtz family from the West Coast which produces other Runtz Premium Products. This strain is undeniably gorgeous to feast your eyes upon. Pink Runtz Strain gets its name from the sweet, confection-like scent and taste it produces as well as its colorful appearance.

350 - 3,200


THC level ranges from 23-25%, Sometimes it can reach as high as 29%. Just a couple of puffs the effects kicks in due to its high THC Level. This intense effect is advice appropriate for therapeutic use. Pink Runtz scent also might remind you of sugary candies since it has a delicious terpene profile that’s sweet, zesty, and flavorful.

However, growing this strain we ensure there’s care and extra training to produce the best output. When growing it tends to grow up instead of branching out producing Dark, sassy green hues which largely make up the color of this bud.

Pink Runtz grows fast and big which requires ample supply of water and fertilizers to complement their growth.

Although its a perfectly balanced hybrid marijuana strain, Pink Runtz Strain has Adverse Reactions:

Dry Mouth: Always Sip Watter.
Dry Eyes: Keep Eye drops handy.
High THC: Control Dosage.
Don’t Dive in too quickly, you may experience some degree of anxiety or paranoia. So, pace your dosage and do not take too much at once.

High recommended to all Marijuana consumers who like fruity and sweet marijuana strains. Most Consumers enjoyed a light body buzz that eliminated muscle aches while others liked how their mood improved after a stressful day’s work.

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112 grammi (4 oz), 224 grammi (8 oz), 28 grammi (1 oz), 448 grammi (16 oz)


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