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Diamante Hash (AAAA)

Typically, marijuana tests in the 90 percent THC range, whereas diamonds test in the 99.9 percent THC-A range. Shatter will still contain some terpenes, whereas diamond extraction will completely remove all terpenes, leaving you with a tasteless concentrate.

If you are a heavy user, you may experience residual effects for up to 28 days after discontinuing use of THC-containing products. Hash oil’s physical side effects include Mouth dryness,
Taking a large dose may result in the following:
Altered mood
Altered sensation2
Memory problems.

213 - 1,280


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Please visit our website If you are a heavy user, you may experience aftereffects for up to 28 days.

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112 grammi (4 oz), 224 grammi (8 oz), 448 grammi (16 oz)


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