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Jungle Boys Banana Punch

Jungle Boys Banana Punch, Weed packs for sale online, Hybrid, Indica, Sativa strains, all flavors prices, reviews and delivery available.

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Jungle Boys Weed Pack

Flavor: Banana Punch


(3 customer reviews)


A brand of packed Medical weed. Exotic flavors of Jungle boys weed . Best part is that we offer Shipping and Home Delivery Services. More than 45 different Jungle boys strains for purchase. All Jungle boys flavors available

Jungle boys packs are available at almost every dispensary store near you because of their quality. If you are located in USA and more again in a legal state, You can easily go online and search for Pots and Buds, Delivery services are possible and available all days of the week and you can get live chat assistance from our staff.

At Pots and Buds variety is appreciated, We do have multiple of jungle boys flavors for example. If you browse our website at yumyhaze.com, all displayed products are available and in stock so, keep your order coming. Here is a short list of available jungle boys flavors for instance; Jungle Boys Grape Topanga . Jungle Boys Pie Hoe, Jungle Boys Frosted cakes, Jungle Boys Gelato, Jungle Boys Hippy Crasher, Jungle Boys Mimosa etc..

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112 grams (4oz), 224 grams (8oz), 448 grams (16oz)

3 reviews for Jungle Boys Banana Punch

  1. Avatar of Deacon


    a fantastic full-body buzz After about 10 minutes, I could feel my face start to tingle. My thoughts were clear, but my body and mind were completely relaxed. It’s ideal for smoking before bed or to relieve stress and tension. As someone who suffers from anxiety, this is most likely my new favorite strain. What an amazing find!

  2. Avatar of Kieran


    I smoked banana punch…I’m not sure about #9, but this was some of the best marijuana I’ve ever smoked in my many years! It’s so versatile that I can smoke a little and go to bed, or a little more and I’m up doing things focused while my bones vibrate lol. This smells and tastes like real bananas; try it right away!

  3. Avatar of Sebastian


    This strain is extremely potent! Body is very quick, and the head is very high… Smooth but lethal from each pull of this fruit engage heavy smoking perfection of great weed that looks good, smells good, and will definitely get you white boy wasted! NO JOKE…

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