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This mysterious strain, supposedly from somewhere in Florida and originally call “Triangle,” is aptly name; Buy white runtz online, the White is cover with so many white trichomes that the buds look like they are roll in confectioner’s sugar.

Buy Gruntz While it looks much like an OG in structure and certainly has the potency associated with the best OG Kush cuts, it has little of the smell or flavor found in those West Coast favorites.

In fact, the White is actually is renown for a distinct lack of odor or flavor, leaving some to pass it over in favor of other more pungent varieties.

The high usually acts as a true hybrid effect with equal body and head sensation, and definitely very potent.

300 - 2,500

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112 грамм (4oz), 224 грамма (8oz), 28 грамм (1oz), 448 грамм (16oz)

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  1. Аватар Chase

    Chase -

    This new strain is good This strain has pushed us stoners to new heights.

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