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best strains of all time

The Strongest Strains In The World

Strawberry Banana. Strawberry Banana is an award-winning strain that delivers a powerful combination of euphoria and relaxation. .

  • Lemon Sour Diesel. …
  • Nova OG. …
  • Lemon Head. …
  • NYC Diesel. …
  • Cherry Pie. …
  • Irish Cream. …
  • Rude Boi.

Cannabis is well-known for its extraordinary psychoactive effects and medical benefits. However, when it comes to purchasing marijuana, there are so many cannabis strains to choose from that some users may be confused. Each strain is different and, along with offering unique appearances, flavors, and effects, one of the main things you’ll notice is the many unique cannabis strain names.

Cannabis strain names can come from a variety of sources. Many strains, for example, get their names from where they were first bred. Many cannabis strain names allude to the strain’s aroma or flavor. However, there are some unusual cannabis strain names.

In any case, many users will be curious about the origins of cannabis strain names. Were their names given to them based on a specific quality, or were they given names at random by some stoned breeders? Here are the origins and stories behind the names of some of the best and most popular cannabis strains.


Every cannabis strain is unique, and one of the most noticeable differences between strains is in their scent and taste. This is due to their terpenoid profile: some strains have fruity or citrusy terpenes, others have a floral aroma, and still others are simply stinky and pungent. Garlic Breath tends to lean toward the latter.

Garlic Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Hogsbreath and Chemdog D BX2. Be

L.A. Confidential is the title of a 1990s neo-noir crime drama adapted from a book into a film. It’s also the name of a well-known indica strain. The California-inspired name comes from the fact that it is a descendant of OG LA Affie, a Californian indica, and an Afghani indica strain.

For its enjoyable effects, this Californian strain has received critical acclaim. It is well-known for producing a strong sense of euphoria, elevating your mood, and enhancing your senses to the point where everything feels more enjoyable. It can also help to relax your body, making it ideal for use in the evening or at night.

cause it is descended from the strain “Hogsbreath,” it is unsurprising that this strain has a strong, garlic-like odor that lingers on your breath for hours after you smoke it, hence its name. The taste, however, is well worth it for its intensely calming and relieving effects.


LA Confidential

The name of the legendary Sherbet strain has a simple origin story. This strain was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, two of the sweetest strains available, to create an even sweeter strain. As a result, it stands to reason that it is named after one of the sweetest substances.

Sherbet has a delicious, cookie-like flavor with a nutty aftertaste when smoked. Aside from the flavor, this strain is excellent for relieving physical and mental anguish. It can alleviate pain, improve your mood, and make you feel more positive and upbeat in general.

Some marijuana strains are so potent and mind-bending that you may feel as if you’re taking a completely different drug. That is why this strain is known as LSD. LSD, of course, refers to the potent psychoactive drug known for enhancing your mood, senses, and inducing hallucinations. While this strain will not cause you to hallucinate, it will provide you with an intense cerebral high.

With a sativa to indica ratio of 55:45, LSD can provide you with an uplifting mental high as well as relaxing physical effects. This makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a strain that will make any activity seem more interesting and enjoyable, or if you’re simply looking for a strain that will make any activity seem more interesting and enjoyable.

see best strains of all time
best strains of all time

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